Activities in Negril 

Looking for things to do in Negril?

 Activities in Negril - There is much to do for entertainment in Negril but you need to be in the know - just ask around and you will find out.

Here are a few places that I have been and really enjoyed.  Some info on tour operators to get you out and about in Jamaica

Seaview from Xtabi Restaurant West End NegrilSeaview from Xtabi Restaurant West End Negril
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Ricks’s Café is at west end Negril  is a cliff setting indoor and outdoor restaurant and bar where people go to socialise and watch the sunset. In the background locals demonstrate their expertise of cliff jumping from different levels.  

I have read several reviews on Ricks Cafe that says it was an amazing place to visit and watch the sunset, eat and have a few drinks with friends. 

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However, several spur of the moment cliff jumpers (visitors)  experienced injuries which sometimes ruined their vacation.  If you are not an experienced cliff jumper, be aware of the dangers. 

Rick's Cafe Negril JamaicaRick's Cafe Negril

Activities In Negril

If you really cannot resist the jump, use the lower cliffs, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Read the notices of the danger, they are well displayed.  Personally, call me a wimp if you want, but the sunset, the view and the great interaction with the people are why I love Rick’s Café.  

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Xtabi Restaurant in west end lane Negril opens out to the Caribbean Sea and the view is fantastic.  This balcony restaurant gives you clear view of the deep blue Caribbean Sea.  

 Slip off down the balcony stairway to the sea to do a little snorkelling before lunch or you can relax with a cool drink and enjoy the scenery as the yachts and catamaran day trippers pass by in the distance. 

Activities in Negril - The view from the restaurant is priceless; you could easily lose track of time while relaxing and enjoying nature in its perfect form.  The bar is open throughout the day and internet access is available, so relax and catch up on your emails or what is happening in your work world…if you must!

Activities In Negril

Negril Scuba Centre Norman Manley Boulevard - If you always wanted to learn how to Scuba Dive and are in Negril Jamaica, the Negril Scuba Centre is just the place to start.  

This Centre  has been in Negril Jamaica for many years and is a well respected establishment.  If you are a certified diver, they have scheduled dives three times per day including night dives. 

If you are a beginner or first time diver,  lessons which are offered in 3 languages, (English, German and Spanish).  They are a friendly professional bunch at their Discover Scuba Diving facility – no pressure – they will get you diving and start your adventure.

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Once you have been trained…you are ready discover the shark reefs, coral gardens, hidden dens and cave-like tunnels in the Jamaica waters of Negril.

Try to do this early in your vacation so that you will have time to repeat your experience before you leave.

Jungle night club Negril is a great place to party the night away.  If you have late night disco fever in Negril, this might be the place for you.  Two separate dance areas and great food.  

They have a dress code so dress to impress and have a great party.

Activities In Negril - Watersports Attractions

  • Alex and Herbie Watersports
  • Aqua Nova Watersports
  • Barry Watersports
  • Blue Water Water Sports
  • Copeland Dixon Watersports
  • Copeland Watersports
  • Kool Runnings Water Park
  • Marine Life Ventures Co Ltd
  • Premium Parasailing
  • Sea Boss Divers
  • Stanley Deep Sea Fishing
  • Tingling Watersports
  • Wild Thing Watersports

Restaurants in West End Negril

Here are a few favourite places to eat or get a quick snack in West End Negril.  Feel free to submit your  suggestions and I will add to the list.  Just fill out the "contact me" box below and submit.

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  • Chill Awhile at Idle Awhile next door to Coco Palm
  • Ivans – will pick you up from your resort for free but charge for the return journey.
  • Country Country 
  • Best in the West 
  • Coco Palms
  • Pickled Parrot
  • Just Natural
  • Ossies Shack 
  • Hungry Lion
  • Seastar Inn
  • Alfreds on the beach
  • LTU
  • Niah’s Patties

Bike Rentals in Negril

  • Banmark Bike Rental
  • Ceta Motors Ltd
  • Elvis Bike Rental
  • Freehill Car and Bike rental
  • Gas Bike Rental
  • Happy world Bike Rental
  • Island Charters
  • Jah B's Bike Rental
  • Keny's Tours
  • Tykes Bike Rental

Activities In Negril - Duty Free Shopping 

Duty free shops in Negril

  • Nehas gift Shop
  • Omni Duty Free Shop
  • Sunset Village In Bond shops
  • Tajmahal at Beechcomber - inbond shop
  • Tajmahal Inbond Shop
  • Time Square Shop Centre

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