Jamaica Villa Rentals
Looking for a Villa Rental Vacation?

 Jamaica Villa Rentals come in different shapes and sizes, from the luxury villa suites on the beach to the small well presented 1/2 bedroom apartments. Villas rentals allow flexible budgeting for groups of friends or families choosing a coastal villa vacation at Silversands  Trelawny  or an apartment/ villa in the city of Kingston Jamaica.  

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Jamaica’s mix of vacation accommodation allows everyone wanting to make Jamaica their vacation destination the ability to realise their Caribbean vacation dream. 

Jamaica Villa Rentals

If you are the more adventurous and independent type, a villa rental allows you freedom to move around and explore Jamaica. 

Jamaica villa rentals are fully furnished and fully functional, i.e., full kitchen, and adequate bathroom requirements.

Housekeeping comes with most villas or is available on request. So whether you decide to get into the kitchen, eat out or request housekeeping, there is a villa to suit you.

If you are looking for a guest house in Junction St Elizabeth, the offers simply decorated clean and fresh rooms  within easy walking distance of Junction shopping centre. 

Jamaica Villa Rentals - Explore Jamaica

When you book your Jamaica villa rental vacation, get details of available activities  for planning purposes. Whether you stick to the tour buses or decide to hire a vehicle and drive will depend on your comfort zone.

Remember in Jamaica we drive on the left. Choose a villa rental and take the opportunity to explore and learn more about Jamaica. 

Discover some real gems, whether it’s exploring Jamaica's beautiful undulating mountains or discovering some amazing cascading waterfalls in unexpected places.

Mix and Match

Hotels in Kingston

 An average size villa will sleep 6-8 adults but larger ones are also available. A villa rental can be a luxury villa, an apartment block, or just a large house.

In Kingston Jamaica,  rentals can be a personally owned tastefully decorated apartment, house or condo in a Kingston St Andrew with privacy and easy access to all amenities and facilities.

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You may well find your villa rental partially stocked with necessaries by the owner or agency for your initial comfort on arrival. Do the research and find the perfect villa rental for you and yours.  

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Price - Jamaica villa rentals vary in price depending on where they are located. If you are renting a beachfront villa they will have the similar amenities of the all inclusive to include private swimming pools and will of course reflect in the price.

As with all other Jamaica vacation properties, prices are generally cheaper during the summer months and more expensive from mid-December to mid-April. Great villa rental deals can be found during the off peak times.

Upmarket Villas

If your desire is an up-market private luxury beachfront villa, Sandals Resorts have luxurious villas at their Bay Roc Estate Beachfront Villa Suites in Montego Bay.

Fine furnishing and high brow creature comforts such as king size four poster beds and room views of beach, ocean and gardens are some of the features of these luxury villa suites.

Some suites come with their own personal butler and concierge service. So if you are looking for a dream honeymoon villa suite, check out Bay Roc Montego Bay

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 Choosing a Villa

When choosing your Jamaica villa rental...do the research and read visitor reviews at TripAdvisor and other on line travel forums where you  might help in making your decisions.

Contact the owners or the agencies directly on line to get more information on your chosen villa accommodation.  Find the right Villa rental for you and experience beautiful Jamaica and its friendly people close up.

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