Jamaica Food 

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For those of us who still cook at home, Jamaican food is prepared with love and the special herbs and seasonings that are readily available are added to create a flavour which is quintessentially Jamaican. The diverse mix of meal preparation stems from the rich mix of cultures that make up the  society.  

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Steamed Mix Vegetables with pumpkinSteamed Mix Vegetables with pumpkin
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Jamaica Food

Breakfasts are wide ranging from pretty simple snack to a full meal.  You may be spoiled for choice depending on your early morning eating habits.   What you get offered for breakfast in Jamaica will depend on where you are – hotel, restaurant or private home...   

steamed veg with fried dumplings.steamed veg with fried dumplings.
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Lunches –An average Jamaican lunch menu, will offer several dishes.  Most common on the menu will be chicken as almost everyone eats chicken.  Depending on the restaurant or cook shop, you may also be offered,  ackee and salt fish, seafood etc with a variety of side dishes such as rice and peas, boiled green banana and other ground provisions...   

Red Beans Rice and PeasRed Beans Rice and Peas

Breadfruit - Although not indigenous to Jamaica, the Breadfruit is grown throughout Jamaica.  It originated from the Far East and was introduced and used in the Caribbean as a part of the staple diet on the plantations of the past...

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Jamaican Escovietch Fish (seasoned fried fish)Jamaican Escovietch Fish (seasoned fried fish)

Jamaica Food 

Green Bananas can be found throughout the island but more so in eastern parishes such as St Mary and Portland with higher levels of rainfall. They also form an important part of the Island’s food export market...

steamed veg breakfaststeamed veg breakfast
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Plantain is closely related to the banana but the fruit of the plantain is often larger than the banana.  The Plantain also bears a smaller number of fingers per plant than the banana.  

Jamaican fried plantainFried ripe plantain sandwich

Mangoes are many in shapes sizes, aroma and tastes.  Some parishes have more than others and parishes such as Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine seem to have year round mango crops.

cooked green gungo soupGreen gungo peas soup with potato and dumplings
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Patties are pastry pockets filled with pre-cooked fillings which can be beef, chicken, seafood or vegetables.  You can also get a cheese patty which is a beef and cheese filling.  Jamaican patties are a great pick-me-up snack. 

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Salt fish fritters on salad plateSalt fish fritters on salad

Jamaica Recipes

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