St Elizabeth Jamaica

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St Elizabeth Jamaica is the second largest Jamaica parish and one of the under discovered gems of Jamaica.  If you travel from Kingston to Negril via Jamaica’s south coast, you will encounter the parish of St Elizabeth on your way. 

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Junction is one of the fastest developing districts in the parish and is a major shopping area for the south St Elizabeth communities.  From the several shopping plazas whatever you need in south saint Elizabeth is likely to be available in Junction...

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Part of Junction St Elizabeth Shopping AreaPart of Junction St Elizabeth Shopping Area

 Southfield  is one of the 14 communities that comprise the Junction Development Area (JDA) and consists of the following ten (10) districts...

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Treasure Beach Jamaica is in the parish of St Elizabeth on the south coast and has four beach coves where you can have a peaceful walk on the beach and leave your footsteps in the sand, swim, or just hang out with friends and family.  These are Calabash Bay, Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay and Great Bay...

St Elizabeth Shoreline view from Pon de Rock Guest HouseSt Elizabeth Shoreline view from Pon de Rock Guest House

Lovers Leap Jamaica is a popular attraction in the district of Yardley Chase St Elizabeth.  The site is a bluff on the Santa Cruz Mountains with a 520 metres (1,700) ft drop to the shores of Cutlass Bay...

St Elizabeth Jamaica

Potsdam District is in the cool hills of St Elizabeth near Malvern.   Although on the map of Jamaica as Potsdam District, the district is also known as Munro after “Munro College...

Sunset view from Potsdam District
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Munro College Jamaica stands regal on the slope in the cool hills of Potsdam St Elizabeth known locally as Munro.  It sits on many acres of land with a marvellous view of the Caribbean sea in the distance...

Bellevue District A quiet residential scheme community of farmers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and retirees.  Pre and secondary school children of Bellevue District attend schools in Bellevue and surrounding communities...

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Top Hill is a small residential district which stands between Junction and Southfield St Elizabeth.   This district is on the south side of St Elizabeth where elevated areas enjoy a fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea.  The area has a Primary School; the Marantha School for the Deaf and a Home for the Aged...

Jamaica sunset
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St Elizabeth Jamaica 

Santa Cruz (aka"Santa") is a busy market town with the island’s main “A” road running directly through it.  

Santa Cruz is a valley-set community surrounded by mountains resulting in little breeze and high temperatures.  Central Santa Cruz is also prone to flooding with heavy rainfall...

YS Falls St ElizabethYS Falls St Elizabeth

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