Aquasol Beach Park Visit
Montego Bay

Arrival at Aquasol Beach Park

At Aquasol Beach Park Montego Bay, getting through the gate took a little while as most people did not have their exact fare ready and placing of arm bands took a little time.  

Once inside the majority of seniors who brought their picnic lunch found a comfortable place to sit to enjoy their lunch.  Several umbrella tables and benches are in the open space to accommodate visitors.   

Aquasol Beach Montego BayAquasol Beach Montego Bay

At the Park

I noticed beach chairs, garbage bins and of course the souvenir shops and stalls within the park.  Music played in the background and people had fund in their groups whither sitting enjoying the view, contemplating the water or actually in the water.

Like most of Jamaica’s beaches Aquasol Beach was not at all crowded, with all sun seekers able to have their own space to enjoy the clear blue water and white sands Montego Bay Jamaica beach.

The therapy of just being by the sea watching the waves and the enjoying the atmosphere is good enough for me.  Swimming is not an activity that I do very well so unless it’s a swimming pool, I prefer to just enjoy the view or take a walk along the beach.

Aquasol Beach Park Montego Bay
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Eating at the Park

At Aquasol Beach Park there are a couple of places to get food, there is a small shop on the left right near the roadway which serves regular local dishes.  My friend and I had lunch here and the food was tasty and prices were good – J$400 for fried chicken and a bottle of water/soda. 

A larger restaurant serving a variety of eats including burgers and chips etc was also available within the park.

After lunch activities ranged from having some fun on the beach or in the water to walking along the beach or just sitting and playing board games by the sea and enjoying the atmosphere.

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Transportation Problems

On the inward journey one of the buses developed some mechanical problem which the driver planned to get sorted out while everyone else enjoyed their day.  

A good time was had by all and at the turnaround time of about 4.00pm, the group began to gather for the return home trip.  

Mountain view

The bus with the mechanical problem was missing and it soon became clear that it was not yet ready for the road.  

Individuals began to get restless and the wait time went on for a further two hours.  At 6.00pm the sun was setting and the report of the defective bus was not good and frustration grew.  

Leaving Aquasol

By 6.30pm the bus came in and although other buses could have left on time, we all waited for this bus as it was agreed that we all should travel home together.  

We left Aquasol Park soon after and although we arrived back in St Elizabeth later than planned, everyone eventually got home safely.

Sunset at Aquasol Beach
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Needless to say, many recommendations were made as to ways of avoiding mechanical problems in the future.  Next trip will be to Port Antonio Portland soon.... 

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