Caricom Member States6 

St Vincent and Grenadines and Suriname


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Caricom member states6 - St Vincent and the Grenadines’ motto is "Peace and Justice" and their National Flower is the Soufriere Tree.

Dr. the Hon.Ralph Everard Gonsalves - Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines since 2001

St. Vincent is part of the Windward Islands at the lower end of the Caribbean chain; the Grenadines comprise a chain of little islands and rocks between St Vincent and Grenada.

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St. Vincent was originally settled by Amerindians. Struggle for possession by the French and British ended with British control in 1783 (apart from French occupation from 1778-83). The island gained independence in 1979.

Caricom Member States6

  • The Airport is E. T. Joshua (st Vincent); James Mitchell International
  •  Capital:  Kingstown;
  • Area is 389 sq km (150 sq mls) 
  • Population of approx 101,000.(2004)
  •  Currency EC Dollar (EC$)

National Holidays of St Vincent and the Grenadines

New Year's Day (1 January); National Heroes' Day (22 January); Good Friday; Easter Monday; May Day (5 May); Whit Monday; CARICOM Day (first Monday in July); Carnival Tuesday (day after CARICOM Day); August Monday (first Monday in August); Independence Day (27 October); Christmas Day (25 December); Boxing Day (26 December).

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The National Dish is pickled Flying or Jack Fish.

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Caricom Member States6 


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The Motto of Suriname is "Justita, Pietas, Fides" (Justice, Compassion, Loyalty) and the National Flower is Popokai Tongo.

Suriname is located on the northern coast of South America, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the North, Guyana to the West, French Guiana to the East and Brazil to the South.

DĂ©si Delano Bouterse, President of Suriname since 2010

Originally, Amerindians inhabited the country up to the 15th century. Settlers came from England, The Netherlands and Germany among others.

Enslaved Africans, indentured labourers from India, Indonesia and China were brought to Suriname during the 18th century. Struggle for possession by the French, British and Dutch ended with control by the Netherlands in 1815.

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  • The airport Johan Adolph Pengel International; Zanderij;
  • The capital is Paramaribo
  • Area is 163,820 sq km (63,251 sq miles)
  • Population of approximately 493,000 (2004)

National Holidays of Suriname

New Year's Day (01 January); Phagwah; Ash Wednesday; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Id-Ul-Fitr; Labour Day (01 May); Emancipation Day (01 July); Diwali; Independence Day (25 November); Christmas Day (25 December); Boxing Day (26 December).

Favourite dishes:  Pinda Soup with Tom Tom; Saoto soup; Pom

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