Emancipation Park Kingston Jamaica


Emancipation Park  is in central New Kingston at the heart of corporate Jamaica.  The park is overlooked by hotels such as the Pegasus, the Courtleigh and the Hilton Kingston on Knutsford Boulevard.  

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Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaEmancipation Park Kingston Jamaica

At the Knutsford Boulevard entrance to the park, the road at right leads to the offices of the National Housing Trust.  Adjacent to it is the Lime Golf Academy where youngsters and adults can practice their swing. The main road is Knutsford Boulevard which leads into Oxford Road. 

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Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaNew Kingston Entrance to Emancipation Park

The Liguanea Club nearby is a membership sports and recreational club which also offers accommodation to members and guests.  The owners of the Liguanea Club donated the land to the Jamaica Government who later transferred it to the National Housing Trust who built and maintains the park.

Emancipation Park Kingston - The Jogging Track

A main feature in Emancipation  Park is its well utilised 500 metre jogging track.   Around the track  and throughout the park are plants, shrubs and trees – some indigenous to Jamaica – that beautifully decorate the park.    

Look out for  Jamaica’s National Tree (the Blue Mahoe) and National Flower (Lignum Vitae) among them - they are all name-tagged.

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Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaView of Oxford Road Buildings


On the inner circle, there are walkways, landscaped grounds, beautiful flowers, and benches for rest and relaxation.  The lawns are utilised by some to catch 40 winks; (pic below), by others to meet up with friends, picnic or to catch up on studies by students of all ages.  

There is stage area where concerts, exhibitions and other public events are often held free to the public.  

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Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaTake a nap if you must!

Water Features and Royal Palms

The main water feature is a fountain where kids have fun with the water shooting up in the air at different levels. Other water features include at the base of the Freedom Statute and a controlled stream near the Oxford Road entrance. 

Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaFountain View

The walkways are lined with very tall Royal Palms of Jamaica.  There is also a well kept, public convenience – best I have seen anywhere in Kingston's public areas so far!

Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaRelax and enjoy the view

Emancipation Park Kingston - Flora and Fauna

Visit Emancipation Park and enjoy the flora and fauna, beautiful trees and perfect landscaped gardens.   Look out for the unusual markings from West Africa known as "Adinkra" symbols.  

These were introduced by the Chief Architect of the Park representing the ancestors of the Jamaican People, the majority of whom originated from West Africa via the middle passage.  

You will find these symbols on the benches, garbage collectors, the perimeter fencing and at the entrances. 

Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaWest African Art Symbols in the Park

Opening and Maintenance

The 7 acres Emancipation Park was opened in 2002 for the enjoyment of all people.  It is run and maintained by the Jamaica National Housing Trust with a team of ground staff who do an excellent job in the upkeep of the park.

The 11ft high Freedom Statue at the Oxford Road entrance, also known as Redemption Song, was erected a year later and represents the spirit of freedom.

Freedom Statute Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaFreedom Statues at the Oxford Road Entrance

Emancipation Park is a happy and very attractive place where a mix of people come for different recreational reasons.  The park has 24/7 security and is open to the public between 5am and 11.00pm daily.

Emancipation Park Kingston JamaicaWelcome to Emancipation Park

Visit Emancipation Park and enjoy a best of Kingston Jamaica.  The park was created as a symbol of our freedom to hope, excel and exist.

Sit a while and appreciate a Jamaica best in the centre of New Kingston. 

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