Hanover Jamaica Parish

Hanover Jamaica is on the western end of the island and at 451.15 sq km, its the third smallest Jamaica parish.  Bordered by Westmoreland to the south and St James to the east and shares part of Negril with Westmoreland.

Lucea is the capital and the population of Hanover as at end of year 2012 was approximately 70,000. Source: STATIN  Jamaica

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As you leave Negril on the Norman Manley Boulevard heading east; look out for the Half Moon Bay Beach, it’s a quiet beach spot with a bar/restaurant on the property.  The owners of the bar/restaurant have been there for many years.  If you need a place to swim with friends or group away from the  buzz of  Negril’s 7 mile beach, this is nice little getaway.

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Driving from Negril through to Lucea is a site seeing tour in itself; the coastal scenery is breathtaking for the most part.

As you pass through the coastal villages you will experience old and new Jamaica coming together as one.

Central Lucea is a vibrant market town and you will also notice evidence of Lucea's pass in the old Court House, and the Clock Tower in the town centre to name a couple.

Other main communities along the coast are Green Island, Sandy Bay and Hopewell.  You will find restaurants, eateries, guest houses and B&Bs along the main road through to Lucea.

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Places of Interest

If like me you love old architecture, Hanover’s Parish Church is interesting and the melodious sounds of the Church’s piped organ is amazing.   Records in this church date by to the early 1700s.  

At the Hanover Museum you will find many artifacts evidencing Hanover's history.  

Mayfield’s Falls in the Hanover rainforest at Glenbrook near Lucea is for nature lovers.  There are two waterfalls, 21 natural pools, numerous varieties of exotic tropical flowers, plant species and indigenous wildlife.

Take a day’s tour of Mayfield Falls and experience Jamaica’s eco tourism at work.

The Great River is one of Jamaica’s major rivers and forms the boundary of the parishes of St James, Westmoreland and Hanover.

Famous Jamaicans from Hanover

  • William Alexander Clarke Bustamante - Jamaica’s first Prime Minister (1962-1967) and National Hero of Jamaica 
  • Percival James Patterson  - Jamaica’s sixth Prime Minister (1992-2006) 
  • Merlene Ottey - Olympic Medallist (Moscow 1980)  
  • Professor Kenneth Hall - Governor General of Jamaica 
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Hanover Jamaica - Heritage Sites and Beaches


  • Negril's Seven Mile Beach
  • Half Moon Bay Beach
  • Bloody Bay
  • Long Bay
  • Davis Cove
  • Green Island Harbour
  • Orange Cove
  • Lucea Harbour
  • Sandy Bay
Negril 7 Mile Beach - Tree house hotel viewNegril 7 Mile Beach - Tree house hotel view

Heritage Sites

  • Greenwich House
  • Belvedere House
  • Haughton Grove House
  • Ramble House
  • Shettlewood House
  • Lucea Museum

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About Hanover Parish

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