Jamaica Arts And Culture

Jamaica Arts and Culture - Jamaica’s literal, performing and visual arts have grown exponentially post independence of the 1960s.  Expressions often take shape from the experiences of Jamaicans past and present.

Harmony Hall Ocho Rios Arts

Harmony Hall Ocho Rios Arts

Craft Markets

One of Jamaica’s largest craft markets is at Harbour Street Montego Bay where you will find numerous outlets displaying their wares. Prices are competitive and both US$ and J$ are accepted.

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Jamaica Arts and Culture - St Ann

In St Ann you will find art and craft at Ocho Rios Craft Park, Dunn’s River Craft Park, Pineapple Place, Fern Gully and Coconut Grove Shopping Village.  At these locations you will find various items including paintings and carvings.

Wassi Art – This is a family owned company where artists make colourful terra-cotta potter.  You can visit, take a tour of this company and they also offer shipping services.

Wassi Art courtesy of JTB

Wassi Art courtesy of JTB

At Harmony Hall’s Art Gallery – Jamaica’s finest display their works here.

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If you are in Portland look out for Philip Henry’s Art Bus, Port Antonio for an array of woodcarving and assorted craft items.

Jamaica Arts and Culture - St Elizabeth

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At the Accompong Craft Shop craftsmen make hand carved “goombay drums” covered with goatskin and the “abeng horn” among others. 

At Island Sculpture Treasure Beach, you will find carvings of abstract animals and other forms. 

For local woodwork and tie-dying Mermaid Art Gallery in Treasure Beach is the place to visit.

Jamaica Arts and Culture - Kingston and St Andrew

At Things Jamaican in down town Kingston, you will find the best and highest quality crafts and gift items which are 100% Jamaican. 

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Visual Arts - The National Gallery Jamaica downtown Kingston displays a collection of art going back to the indigenous peoples of Jamaica; to Spanish and English colonial art; to the latest works by Jamaican artists and others.  

Visit the National Gallery and learn more about Jamaican Art  through the ages.

Other Kingston Art Galleries include:

  • Grosvenor Gallery – Manor Park
  • Gallery Jamaica Pegasus – Knutsford Boulevard
  • Chelsea Galleries – Chelsea Avenue
  • Mutual Life Gallery – Oxford Road

Jamaica's Cultural Events

The Jamaica Cultural Development Organization (JCDC) keeps Jamaica’s cultural events alive by hosting annual Arts Competitions such as:  

Dance - Creative folk, modern, contemporary, Praise, Popular Jazz and dance drama giving teachers, choreographers and performers the chance to showcase and compete for prizes

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Drama – this highlights Jamaican stories from the communities portraying situations in a real life situation usually familiar to the ordinary people.  

Deaf Dance Competition – The aim is to sensitise the hearing impaired to dance forms which allow them to build confidence in expression of self. This encourages the development of rhythm, creative expression and communication.

JCDC Dance for the Deaf

JCDC Dance for the Deaf

Music Competition – this includes classical and semi classical a gamut of genres.

Drum Fest this incorporates budding drummers and professional drummers island wide.

Popular Band Competition – this encourages the growth and development of band music in Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole.

Speech Competition – This attracts audience both local and international.  Categories include poetry, speaking ensemble, storytelling, Jamaican dialect, and Shakespeare to name a few.

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Traditional Folk Form – Here we go back to folklore dances, stories of the past allow the audiences to reflect and rediscover the roots of Jamaican heritage and personality highlighting our African and European mix.

The Entertainment Arts side highlights the competitive spirit and creativity of Jamaicans from all walks of life in the forms of:

  • Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition
  • Jamaica Gospel Song Competition - 
  • Festival Song Competition 
  • World Reggae dance Championship

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