Jamaica Breakfasts 

What Would You Like For Breakfast?

Jamaica breakfasts are wide ranging from pretty simple to a full meal.  You may be spoilt for choice depending on your early eating habits.  Of course what you get offered for breakfast in Jamaica will depend on where you are – hotel, restaurant or private home. 

Here  you will find a few every day simple Jamaican breakfast choices.

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Roast Breadfruit and steamed vegetablesRoast Breadfruit and steamed vegetables
Salt Fish FrittersSalt Fish Fritters

Cooked Jamaican Breakfast choices

  • Steamed callaloo with fried dumplings
  • Ackee and salt fish with boiled banana and dumplings
  • Boiled banana with mackerel run down
  • Boiled banana with steamed calalloo
  • Steamed vegetables with fried plantain and fried dumplings
  • Stewed chicken with boiled bananas and dumplings
  • Egg noodles with steamed veg and butter beans
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Egg noodles steamed with veg and butter beansEgg noodles steamed with veg and butter beans

If you prefer a cooked breakfast that will keep you to well beyond lunch time, try something from the above list.  

Apart from the chicken, all the above are regular breakfast meals prepared in my kitchen in the mornings which often help to reduce my evening meals to a snack.

The best part is, you have the entire day to burn any excess calories.  It works too!

Steamed string beans with boiled bananasSteamed string beans with boiled bananas

Mixed Fruits - fruit basket

Jamaican Fruit BasketFruit Basket

A fruit plate is usually a starter but, is ideal for light morning eaters… this is made up of a a mixture of several different Jamaican fruits such as melon, paw paw, mangoes, pineapple or whatever fruit is in season at the time.

Freshly made fruit juices such as Orange, June Plum and other citrus fruit juices are traditionally served at breakfast. 

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Fried Finger-Food Choices

Fried Plantain breakfast on toastFried Plantain breakfast on toast

Jamaican Breakfasts - a few choices

  • Fried plantain on toast
  • Fried dumplings (Johnny cakes)
  • Fried roast breadfruit and salt fish 
  • Salt fish fritters with fried bammy (Cassava bread)
  • Callaloo fritters 
  • Ripe banana fritters

Steamed pack choy and salt fish with fried dumplings (Johnny Cakes)Steamed pack choy and salt fish with fried dumplings (Johnny Cakes)

If you are at a buffet style setting, you will find a spread of the above together with other traditional breakfast choices such as eggs bacon, toast, cereals, fruit plates etc. 


Porridge is another common Jamaican breakfast dish, here are a few choices:

  • Corn meal porridge
  • Green banana porridge
  • Peanut porridge
  • Oats porridge
  • Corn hominy porridge

If you prefer a light breakfast; a nice bowl of porridge is not only ideal, but also filling time.  If you are watching your budget, it’s an ideal choice.

Corn meal porridge jamaican breakfastCorn meal porridge jamaican breakfast

 Jamaican’s eat chicken daily, so stewed chicken is more than likely to be on the breakfast menu s catering for the heavy morning eaters. 

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