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Paul Bogle

Paul Bogle - Jamaica National Hero

Jamaica National Heroes7 - Paul Bogle, it is believed, was born free about 1822.

He was a Baptist Deacon in Stony Gut St Thomas, a few miles north of Morant Bay, and was eligible to vote at a time when there were only 104 voters in the parish of St. Thomas.

He was a firm political supporter of George William Gordon.

Poverty and injustice in the society and lack of public confidence in the central authority, urged Bogle to lead a protest march to the Morant Bay courthouse on October 11, 1865.

Jamaica National Heroes7

In a violent confrontation with full official forces that followed the march, nearly 500 people were killed  and a greater number was flogged and punished before order was restored.

Paul Bogle was hunted down by the British with the aid of the Maroons captured and on October 24, 1865 and hanged on the same day; but his forceful demonstration achieved its objectives.

It paved the way for the establishment of just practices in the courts and it brought about a change in official attitude, which made possible the social and economic betterment of the people.

Source: Jamaica Information Service (JIS)

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