Munro College Jamaica 

Munro College Jamaica stands regal on the slope in the cool hills of Potsdam St Elizabeth known locally as Munro.  It sits on many acres of grounds on the hill with a marvellous view of the Caribbean sea in the distance  

Entrance to Munro College Potsdam St ElizabethEntrance to Munro College Potsdam St Elizabeth

In the early 18th century  these lands were donated by a landowner to a trust with instructions that a school should be built for the local “poor children”.  

While a few decades passed before this wish came to fruition, come it did and Munro College has seen many changes over time.

Munro College is a boarding school for boys from secondary up to pre university level.

 Children from all parishes of Jamaica have at one time or another attended Munro College.

There are also children from abroad who are sent to Jamaica to attend Munro College up to pre-university level.

Munro College Jamaica

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Munro College Potsdam St ElizabethMunro College Potsdam St Elizabeth

Today, the buildings of Munro College have expanded with modern concrete structures but certain areas of the College still retain their original cut stone style.  In fact, the chapel appears untouched by time and stands resplendent evidencing the original 17th century building style of Munro College.

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Munro College Jamaica

Munro College Buildings Potsdam St ElizabethMunro College Buildings Potsdam St Elizabeth

Munro College is a sought after boarding school for boys, although not all boys who attend are boarders.  It is a delight to meet these young people on my morning walks.   From what I have learned about the reputation of this school, while there have been changes overtime, it is still a sought after institution for secondary school boys. 

In 2012/13 Munro’s Sixth Form Academy admitting young ladies with their uniform being navy blue and white complimented with a gold trim  their ties. 

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Munro College Grounds Potsdam St ElizabethMunro College Grounds Potsdam St Elizabeth

If you are a Munro old boy, share your memories of your Munro College days, I am sure other would love to hear about them.   In Jamaica people are very proud of their high schools and are happy to claim theirs as the best.  

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So let’s start a trend and educate those who might be thinking of sending their young boys, and now girls, to Munro College next term.  

For specific information on attending Munro College, parents should write to  the principal at Munro College P O, St Elizabeth Jamaica.

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