St Thomas Jamaica Parish

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St Thomas Jamaica is 742.48 sq km bordered by St Andrew to the west and Portland to the North.  The capital is Morant Bay and the population as at end of year 2012 was 94,410.  

Source STATIN Jamaica.

St Thomas is Jamaica‚Äôs most eastern Jamaica parish, very mountainous and includes ranges of Port Royal Mountains and the Blue Mountains.   The capital, Morant Bay was the centre of the famous slave rebellion in 1865 where Paul Bogle, a church deacon, led the "Morant Bay Protests" and later the Morant Bay Rebellion.  He fought for the rights and justice for the working people.

After the disturbance in the Morant Bay Square many lives were lost and the original Court House burnt down. Paul Bogle was captured and hanged at the burnt out Morant Bay Court House on 24 October 1865.

A commemoration statute representing a likeness of  Paul Bogle, a National Hero of Jamaica, stands today in front of the Morant Bay Court House.

St Thomas Jamaica - Rivers

The Cane River rises at twin sources in the vicinity of Derby Peak in eastern St Andrew at Bull Bay Saint Andrew from where it flows south to the Caribbean Sea. 

The Plantain Garden River is the only major river in Jamaica that does not flow in a northerly or southerly direction.

The Negro River  is located on the south coast of Jamaica in St Thomas parish. . Going downstream it eventually connects to the Yallahs River.  

The Yallahs River is in the parish of St Thomas Jamaica.  Due to major landslides Upper Yallahs River Watershed, the river carries a high silt load and scours its banks far more quickly.

The Yallahs Ford downstream has widened tremendously, leaving the coastal route vulnerable to inundation after heavy rainstorms.

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Accommodation in St Thomas

  • Bath Fountain Hotel
  • Whispering Bambo Resort
  • Morant Bay Villas

St Thomas Jamaica - Places of Interest and Beaches

  • Bath Botanical Gardens 
  • Bath Mineral baths
  • Old Cemetery  
  • Johnsons River Falls
  • Judgment Cliff 
  • Lime Kiln 
  • Marty's Cemetery & Cannons
  • Memorial to Patriot of 1865 
  • Morant Point Lighthouse 
  • Old Suspension Bridge
  • Stoke's Hall Ruins
  • Stony Gut 

Beaches in St Thomas

  • Holland Bay 
  • Folly Bay
  • Rocky Point Bay
  • Prospect Point
  • Morant Bay
  • Salt Pond Bay
  • Bull Bay

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St Thomas Parish

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