Bellevue To Santa Cruz  
Saint Elizabeth Jamaica

Bellevue to Santa Cruz - The road through Bellevue District goes through Cross Roads with the communities of Barber Green on one side and Berlin on the other. 

Potsdam District Main RoadPotsdam District Main Road

Potsdam District St Elizabeth

The road continues to Potsdam District, also known as Munro - as in Munro College, the only full boarding boys’ school in Jamaica.  

The winding roads to Malvern will reveal sites such as the Munro Wind Farm (JPS), Bethlehem Moravian College; Hampton Girls’ boarding school and Bethlehem All Age School to name a few.  

Main Road  Potsdam DistrictMain Road Potsdam District
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Malvern Square

Malvern square is a small shopping area which includes a gas station and the Malvern Police Station.  Straight ahead from Malvern Police station the road goes deep in to the Malvern Hills to the west.

The hills of Malvern St Elizabeth is said to have some of the cleanest air in the world.

Downhill all the way to Santa Cruz

Turn right at Malvern square and drive through the cool Malvern Hills and the different districts downhill to Santa Cruz… The road is narrow with many hairpin bends – I counted at least 5 major bends - so patience and care is a must.    

One such district is the Leeds community home of the Chariots Hotel.  Handy for an overnight stay if needed when out in the sticks (deep rural).

Setting sun viewed from Munro St Elizabeth

Bellevue to Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz starts at the bottom of the hill.  Past Beadles Boulevard on the right, continue down and you are at the St Elizabeth RM Court and Tax Office on the left. 

Past the Court and the office of Dr Reynolds, the local Ophthalmologist is on the left. He has some of the best eye care equipment in Jamaica - “state of the art” you might say!

Continue down and turn left at the lights for the central shopping plazas and Santa Cruz market.  

The Santa Cruz main road to the west takes you through to the town and on to Holland Bamboo, Middle Quarters (shrimp country); YS Falls: Bubbling Springs through Black River to Negril. 

At the Middle Quarters Square (roundabout) the right turn takes you up hill and this road meanders through the mountains to Montego Bay.  

Bellevue to Santa Cruz 

Meanwhile, back at the Santa lights, turn right for St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) on the right.  

Straight on for Olive Park Housing Scheme and Gutters St Elizabeth; head up the Spur Tree Hill for Manchester, Clarendon, St Catherine parishes through to Kingston.

Turn right at Gutters (the shell gas station) and head back to South St Elizabeth via Junction, Top Hill, to Kinkead Plaza.  

Go straight on for Southfield, Pedro Cross, Treasure Beach to Black River and beyond. Turn right at Kinkead Plaza and welcome back to Bellevue District.

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