Southfield to Black River

St Elizabeth

Southfield to Black River St Elizabeth - Drive downhill from Southfield to Cross Roads; turn left at the shell gas station into Pedro Plains  Saint Elizabeth .  

Continue on the plains through to the Treasure Beach coves of Great Bay Calabash Bay Frenchman’s Bay Bill’s Bay on the narrow winding roads to Fort Charles District and beyond.   

Driving downhill from SouthfieldDriving downhill from Southfield

Pick up the main road near Parrottee (a seaside village) through Black River westwards.  I was amazed by the number of properties on the Treasure Beach stretch offering vacation accommodation, places to eat and interesting sea view stops.   

Southfield to Black River St Elizabeth

On the Pedro Plains the temperature edged up a few notches....Houses and Cottages are beautified by pretty trees and shrubs of a mix of orange, pink, white and yellow blooms.  

Animals grazed in the fields along the route while in the distance Great Pond is transformed into dried clay – water totally absorbed by the Jamaica summer heat. 

Properties on Route

Treasure Beach Shopping Plaza – several shops here including: 

  • Bay Villa
  • May Day Cottage

Southfield to Black River St Elizabeth

Turn right after the shopping plaza – straight ahead for Taino Cove Hotel - with the entrance to Great Bay Beach is on the left.   On the straight into the Treasure Beach more properties:

  • Mountain View Cottage
  • Bar on the Corner
  • Sunset Resort Hotel
  • Jakes Hotel and Villas
  • Jack Sprat Rest n Bar 
  • Waikiki Guest House Rest n Bar
  • Craft Shops
  • South Jamming Sports Bar
  • BBs Place - rooms for rent
  • Frenchman’s Reef Restaurant
  • Golden Sands Beach Resort
On the Road to Billy's Bay

The Tree Stop – (a tree in the road on right)

Beyond the tree the following properties: 

  • Fair Hill Villas 
  • Silver Dawn Villa 
  • Shakespeare Cottage 
  • Treasure Beach Hotel 
  • Yabba Restaurant

Southfield to Black River St Elizabeth

After the Yabba Restaurant a sign points to the South View Hotel the pot holes became wider causing my already crawling speed to reduce further.  The upside was, I had a chance to enjoy the remoteness of the area.  More properties:

  • Rooms for rent at – Ashante 
  • Villa Estra Guest House – classic thatched bar on left 
On the Road Billy's Bay AreaOn the Road Billy's Bay Area

Now into the The Billy’s Bay area - extremely dry with a forest of logwood trees  to the right contrasted by the amazing view of the Caribbean Sea on my left.    More properties:

  • La Casa Duna Resort on seafront
  • Terrazzo Guest House
  • Minerva Guest House on sea front
  • Coal Hotel and Restaurant  

Cliff View at Fort Charles areaCliff View at Fort Charles area

On a cliff overlooking the seafront at Fort Charles I met a visiting family enjoying the ocean view below and stopped and chatted with them for a while - guests at Pon the Rock Guest House directly across the road. 

Southfield to Black River St Elizabeth

Back On the main to Black River

After Fort Charles the road became more inland leading back to the main.  At a fork in the road, go left for Parrottee (seaside village near Black River) and right for the Old Iron Bridge – entrance to  Black River Town.  


On the road into Black River more properties: 

  • South Shore Guest House
  • Cloggy’s on the Beach – Seafood Beach Bar
  • Spring Garden Hotel and Spa
South Coast St ElizabethSouth Coast St Elizabeth

Across the old Iron Bridge is main street Black River where the seashore is up and personal to the road  separated only by the sea wall on main street Black River.  

Accommodations of the Black River sea front: 

  • Waterloo Guest House
  • Invercauld Hotel
  • Black River Hospital
  • Black River High School

Waterloo Guest House Black River St Elizabeth

Waterloo Guest House Black River St ElizabethWaterloo Guest House Black River St Elizabeth

Heading out of Black River 

My rear view mirror reflected Black River High School as I headed out of town, next stop “Border District” – literally on the border of St Elizabeth and Westmoreland parishes - a well known food stop for fried Fish and Bammy (cassava bread).   

This off-the-beaten-track drive on narrow this  potholed road through these Treasure Beach coastal communities was a great experience with pleasant surprises.  

Ideal for a quiet no fuss, no hassle Jamaica visitor experience.

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